• Alix Joyal

Southern Vermont, Our New Home.

Corey and I had spent years figuring out where exactly we wanted to be in order to raise the kids in the best possible environment for us, while planning our escape from Texas.

We knew Texas WASN'T it. Not even close.

After visiting Colorado numerous times and LOVING it, we decided that it would be a bit too remote for us to pick as a location to expand Joyaltee and besides, we were really missing New England (and four seasons!!).

After tons and tons of research , we finally decided on Southern Vermont and we picked up and left to head North in May of 2019.

The beauty our eye see daily here! And all of the amazing people here!!! What a difference from South Texas, in a VERY good way!!

We have found our new home and it's Vermont. Xoxoxo.


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