• Alix Joyal

The "Full Time Camping" Life

I'm not really sure how this all happened but we have been living full time in our RV since May of 2019. We left San Antonio in the beginning of May and secured a seasonal campsite in an RV park in Western Mass, thinking we would only be there through August.

Well apparently life had other plans, lol.

We are currently waiting on the septic to be replaced at the property that we are purchasing in Brattleboro, VT and until then, we are STILL camping.

The RV is awesome and we are so grateful for it but I am ready to be in a home again, with our own belongings, and room to move.

Until then though, we are livin' that RV life and hoping it doesn't snow before we get into our new home.

We are nothing if not glamorous AF. LOL!


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